A bit of the story....


It goes pretty far back

The "modern" story begins in 1780 with John and Abigail Clemons building their log cabin homestead and clearing the land between the ponds. They experienced their share of challenges, tragedy and even indian companionship, but that's enough for now. We'll be happy to share more, but the story of area founders John and Abigail and the area's indian history is best told or read while sitting in the comforting glow and warmth of an evening fire... 

Check out our download page for much more information about the farm and area history.  Be sure to read the introduction file first for a brief overview of what we have found.     

Current stewards of the farm

The present farmhouse and barn were built by the descendents of John and Abigail in the early 1800's. Indeed, a Clemons lived at the farm continuously until about 1940. In 1969 Victor and Betty Zelman began their own Clemons pond farm family journey that continues to this day with preservation and management of the farm under the guidance of their children and grandchildren.